The 12 compositions of Appellation Musette Nouveau

Here are my 12 compositions from the record and a (very) brief description of each one.

Valse à jazzer (Jazzer Waltz): festive jazz waltz, inspired by Richard Galliano and Bill Evans

Insolitement vôtre (Unusually yours): energetic funky, the title…sounds good, that’s all!

Appellation Musette Nouveau (idem): title track, inspired by Richard Galliano’s New Musette… and by Beaujolais!

Chez Roberto (idem): Latin piece, guitar theme, multiple inspiration

Douceurs Montérégiennes (Montérégian sweetness): ride in 3/4, as gentle as a walk in the mountains

Tango-Swing (idem): energetic, modern, like the nuevo tangos of Piazzolla or Galliano

La Relâche (The SpringBreak): built on the model of a standard musette waltz, composed at the beginning of March…

Dualité claire (Clear Duality): 2 themes composed several years apart, 2 instruments (even 3) that respond to each other in solos, all of this harmonizing in a clear and limpid way

Balade d’été (Summer ride), it’s Summertime with my colors

Aube à Los Angeles (Dawn in Los Angeles), from dawn to early morning, in tribute to Jean-Luc Ponty

Jeux au Parc Molson (Games at Parc Molson), riff kept in a drawer for a long time and updated with recent additions, 2 children playing at throwing a ball

Néo-Swing (idem), a personal swing piece, the joy of living in 4/4

Good listening!


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